The first read through of Breathing Spaces

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Last night (May 23rd) a group of eighteen of us gathered together at the pavilion on the Forest recreation ground for the first read through of ‘Breathing Spaces’, the play that has been commissioned from Excavate for the Green Spaces project.

With live music and a host of characters from across the ages, this highly visual performance will lead the audience on a journey through the parks and their history. Why were they created? How have they been used over the last 170 years? And what lessons can be learnt from this as we move into the future?

The play is currently perhaps a little long, so the next job will be to make some judicious edits and to start casting. It’s a script in which a great deal happens in a short amount of time, so along with appearances from key characters such as Thomas Hawksley, Arthur Shrewsbury and Captain John Fletcher there will be much to do as our trio of female story tellers lead us through as much history as its possible to cram into seventy minutes.

We are still looking for one or two more performers to join us, and could do with another couple of men to take part to help us with a couple of the roles and if you are interested, or would like to know more, then please contact









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