The Arboretum guns


On 9 April 1857 the Enclosure Committee reported to the Council that it believed

‘… that some of the large Guns and trophies taken from Russia in the late War might be obtained on application to Her Majesty’s Government recommend that such application be made and that the Guns and trophies if obtained be placed in the Arboretum and be under the care of this Council.’ (NA CA 3616)

By 28 April the grant of two guns had been agreed by Lord Panmure, Secretary of State for War (1855-58).

A year later, on 10 May 1858 the Enclosure Committee made another report to the Council that it had

‘… obtained carriages from the Government Works at Woolwich for the Russian Guns now in the Arboretum. They are precise copies of Russian Gun Carriages.’ (NA CA 3616)


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