Ten short films about the Green Lungs of Nottingham


Excavate are currently working on a series of ten very short films that will feature ten characters from across the ages talking about the many ways in which the parks of Nottingham have been used over the last 170 years. Each film will be around two minutes and between them we hope to cover a wide range of issues – sport, politics, religion, health and others.

We will be filming these at the end of May and we are currently looking for people who would like to be in these films. Each film will feature footage from the parks alongside other visual material and so some of the text (probably around 300 to 400 words) can be read. But there will have to be a little line learning.

This is your chance to become part of the ongoing history of these magnificent green spaces. If you’d like to know more then please¬†email Andy Barrett at andy@excavate.org.uk


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