Reclaim the Night, 2013

Reclaim the Night – or Take Back the Night – marches have been held all around the world as a protest and direct action against rape and sexual violence against women. The first such event was held in Philadelphia in 1975.

Reclaim the Night events have been held in Nottingham – most recently on the evening of 9 November 2013. The event began by meeting at 7pm at the Pavilion on The Forest before marching (and chanting!) down Mansfield Road bearing placards, posters, glow sticks and torches before finally gathering for a rally in the Old Market Square in town and for an informal ‘social’ at Nottingham Women’s Centre.

Reclaim the Night is a women-only event. The following slideshow produced by two Nottingham University students – Sarah Berg and Esther Lewis – captures a sense of both fun and empowerment enjoyed by the women of all ages who were there!


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