Public conference, 18 January

We are delighted to announce that our public conference event will be held on Saturday 18 January 2014 at Nottingham Contemporary.

It will be an opportunity for community groups and ourselves to share with each other and with the public some of the things we’ve found out and to celebrate our work this year!

We expect to be sharing our findings with each other in a variety of forms including posters, discussions, slide and video shows, group presentations and more. We’ll be welcoming personal memories of these green spaces and the history of their role in our communities alongside more scholarly accounts of aspects of the history of these green spaces.

We’re also interested in hearing about other green spaces, so if you have any ideas for other people who could contribute, or you would like to hear from, or if you have ideas for contributions or if you’d be interested in contributing yourself – either individually or with others – please do Contact Us.

Please note that we will also be hosting a more academically-oriented conference on the campus of Nottingham University on Friday 10 January 2014.

More Information

For further information about this event, please visit


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