Queen’s Walk and Queen’s Walk Recreation ground

Queen's Walk, c.1904 Courtesy of Mr Spencer and www.picturethepast.org.uk

Queen’s Walk, c.1904
Courtesy of Mr Spencer and www.picturethepast.org.uk

Like the other ‘Walks’ to the North of Nottingham, Queen’s Walk follows the route of a long established and popular pathway across the Meadows from close to the Midland Railway Station to Wilford Ferry (now Wilford Bridge).  Also like the other walks, it was planted with trees – Limes – and provided with benches.  It is now part of the tram route from Wilford into the centre of Nottingham and creating the tramway resulted in a number of trees being cut down. These have been saved and turned into ‘Story Poles’ which decorate the route.

The Meadows was a traditional place for playing cricket and to make sure this could continue after the fields were developed for housing, Queen’s Walk Cricket Ground was created.  It was extremely well used with many club matches being played there during the season, well into the 20th century. As football grew in popularity, the cricket pitches doubled as football pitches. It is now a more conventional recreation ground with a play area, bowling green, sensory garden and a small field for football.