Corporation Oaks


Corporation Oaks features the Belle Vue Reservoir, pictured right (photo by the Mapperley and Sherwood History Group).

In The Illustrated Handbook to Nottingham (1906) by Lemon Lingwood (ed.), the approach to Corporation Oaks from Mansfield Road is described in the following terms:

“This beautiful umbrageous avenue was once known as “Gallows Hill,” from the gruesome apparatus which once adorned its summit. As for the modern attractions of the neighbourhood, it will be sufficient for the present to name them, leaving their detailed exploration to a future occasion. Almost opposite the Arboretum Approach is the pleasant, shady walk of Elm Avenue, leading to Corporation Oaks and St. Anne’s Hill. From the latter point we obtain splendid views of the City lying at our feet. “Blue-Bell Hill,” on the opposite side of the Beck Valley, is already covered by bricks and mortar. The wise policy of the Corporation in providing these stately avenues of “Elms” and “Oaks” in the midst of the crowded city is self-evident; the only regret is that things are not “more so,” as we see meadows and gardens rapidly despoiled by the builder in utter neglect of the things which go to make life—especially child-life—healthy and bright.”

Corporation Oaks is still just as lovely today.