Posters from Showcase event, 18 January 2014

Group 1

Ian Bussey; Keith Fisher; Margaret Knowles; Christine Drew; Chris Weir; Elizabeth Robinson; Tamsin Morris; Richard Gaunt; Cherry Knight.

Group 2

June Perry; Mo Cooper; Chris Rendell?; Val Knowles; Gilly Jobson; Angela Mawson; Janet Kemp?.

Group 3

Hilary Waring; Rachel Cameron (Allium Urban Solutions); Christina Raven Conn; Ann Jenkins (Local Studies library); David Bell; Rebecca Beivart; Stephen Matthews; Di Matthews; Tim Allman (??).

Group 4

James Dymond; Pat Thomas; Alan Schofield; Hannah Harvey; Dave Wood; Jill Oakland; Rod Sladen?; Flis Atkin?Group-4

Group 5

Emma Dewinton; Graham Piearce; Ruth Strong?; Richard Wheldon.

Group 6

Val Wood; Joyce; Megan; Kevin; Barbara; John; Dorothy.



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