Planting, planning and buildings

nottingham-arboretum-trees-710pxThe photograph above shows a selection of the trees in Nottingham Arboretum.

This theme includes:

  • the ‘picturesque’, importation of exotic trees and plants, the role of commercial nurserymen, the influence of the Sherwood Forest group of writers.


Posts and articles about Planting, Planning and Buildings:

The Development of Public Parks in Nottingham in the mid-19th Century (3 August 2016) - 24 August 2016: 2pm Local Studies Library, Angel Row A talk by Professor Paul Elliott Paul looks at the provision and development of public green spaces intended to promote civic pride. […]
Enclosure Parks tree trail leaflet published (14 July 2016) - Nottingham City Council, in conjunction with the Nottingham Green Spaces project, has just published a new Tree Trail leaflet giving details of many of the most significant types of trees […]
The Arboretum Rose Garden (21 March 2016) - by Val Wood, Friends of the Arboretum The rose gardens in the northern part of the Arboretum were constructed in 1972. They replaced the green houses that were in situ […]
Old and New Trees in Nineteenth Century Nottingham (16 February 2016) - We are so used to the many trees in Nottingham’s streets and suburbs that it is easy to take them for granted, although the lack of city-centre green spaces is […]
Windmills on Forest Road (4 December 2013) - The Windmills on Forest Road Thanks to Michael Smith and Elizabeth Robinson © Michael Smith has an old connection with the Vernon Arms and these two pictures were spotted on […]
Our Arboretum – 1913 (29 November 2013) - Sixty -one years ago the Nottingham Arboretum was first opened for the benefit of the public.  Many citizens there are who find pleasure in frequenting these beautifully kept grounds, deriving […]
Dahlia Border – 1939 (29 November 2013) - 1939 recent innovations in this park have been a fine dahlia border, and a series of beds constructed along each side of the central walk.  Other recent features have been specialized […]
Nottingham Enclosure Act, 1845 (24 June 2013) - The development of Nottingham Arboretum and the other green spaces which are the focus of this project only became possible with the passing of the Nottingham Enclosure Act in 1845, […]
Corporation Oaks Tree Planting (4 June 2013) - Corporation Oaks (above), by kind permission of Christine Drew of The Mapperley and Sherwood History Group. Corporation Oaks was officially opened by a tree planting on 11 February 1850. This […]
Two Maps of 19th century Nottingham (15 May 2013) - These two maps of 19th century Nottingham are reproduced by kind permission of Nottinghamshire County Archive. The first map (below) is the 1831 Plan of Nottingham by Staveley and Wood. […]