How the new 2016 project will build upon the original project

The new, follow-on, project will run from February – September 2016. The academic team is the same as the original project; the community partners have been expanded to include Framework, ‘Making Waves’ and Nottinghamshire Local History Association, and it is hoped that other partners will join as the project progresses.

Described as a dissemination project, the purpose of the work is to pass on the research findings of the first project to groups and individuals that would not normally engage with this kind of project. To do this we have to develop easily accessible, fun activities that will have a wide appeal. The focus is a play, to be written by Andy Barrett, but around that there will be a range of events and activities, including some short videos, a much improved website, exhibitions, and a ‘day-school’ and other ideas are in development and new ideas and suggestions are most welcome.

We very much hope that community partners will support this phase of the project by contributing ideas and scenarios to

  • The play and video script
  • Content for the exhibition banners
  • Items for the website

And by organising an event or activity that complements the project’s aims. In return the project is able to provide practical and possibly financial support.