Our Arboretum – 1913

Sixty -one years ago the Nottingham Arboretum was first opened for the benefit of the public.  Many citizens there are who find pleasure in frequenting these beautifully kept grounds, deriving delight from the sight of the ” fairest flowers O’  the season,” in the words of Shakespeare, and, furthermore, in admiring the feathered inmates of the aviary and pound. It is suggested that more lasting benefit and pleasure could be obtained from these visits if one possessed more knowledge of the various things to be seen herein.  Let the individual who loves to linger ‘mid the flowers study some of the books which treat in such an interesting manner upon the various varieties;  the study of botany is a fascinating one, too.  It is not a far distance from the Arboretum to the Public Library.  The Nottingham Public Lending Libraries are well stocked with works, from elementary to ultra – scientific, and the study of the origin formation, and growth of flowers and plants can be pursed there from to one’s heart’s content.  The first – sight pleasure derived from flowers and plants is increased tenfold by the possession of knowledge as to the peculiarities of each specimen.

Source:  The Public Officer Vol.3 no.1 – Oct 1913  Our Arboretum


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