Nottingham’s Historic Green Spaces Exhibition

Using pictures, film and the written word this Exhibition celebrates these spaces and reveals something about why they were created, where they are located, how they have been used, and in what ways they have been developed and adapted over time.

There will be a continuous film-show of extracts from the recent production of Breathing Spaces together with a series of activities.

Iron railings removal, The Forest, 1940 Courtesy of Nottingham Evening Post and

Iron railings removal, The Forest, 1940
Courtesy of Nottingham Evening Post and

11 August 2016
Parklands in Wartime: Nottingham’s parks in WW1 and WW2
Dr Jonathan Coope will describe the impact of two world wars on Nottingham’s parks. From fundraising band concerts to ‘Holidays at Home’, this talk explores the social life of Nottingham’s green spaces in wartime.






Queen's Walk, c.1904 Courtesy of Mr Spencer and

Queen’s Walk, c.1904
Courtesy of Mr Spencer and

16 August 2016

Victorian Children’s Games
This hands-on event led by Peter Hammond will give 21st century children the opportunity to experience the toys and games used by their great, great, great, (and possibly great) grandparents.   They are suitable for children from the age of 5-13, but they must all be accompanied by an adult.



VP224 August 2016

The Development of Public Parks in Nottingham in the mid-19th Century
Professor Paul Elliott looks at the provision and development of public green spaces intended to promote civic pride. He explores how far the provision of green spaces in the town were inspired by local naturalists and sanitary reformers, and he looks at civic rivalry with other urban centres such as Derby and Manchester.




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