‘Making’ Workshop

birds croppedGreat fun was had by all on Wednesday 13 July, when 30 Year 4 children from Claremont School joined Ali Bakewell, Production Manager for Breathing Spaces, in a workshop in the Forest Pavilion.  Ali introduced the children to two ‘Latin’ words:  Arboretum and Aviary, and explained why Nottingham had an Arboretum and what birds used to be kept in the Aviary.

The children then cut out and decorated some 3-D birds.  Some children took their art work home, but others kindly donated their birds to the Green Spaces project, and these are going to be hung in the empty aviary in time for the performances of Breathing Spaces in the Arboretum on 24 July 2016.


DSCF1997 DSCF1991 DSCF1990



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