Education, health & hygiene

chatting-by-aviary-710pxThe photo above is taken near the bird cages in Nottingham Arboretum (with grateful acknowledgement to

This theme includes:

  • green lungs as a counter to industrial pollution, cemeteries, influence of ‘rational recreation’, ‘respectable’ exercise and growth of participatory sport, current demand for sporting facilities, and the ‘open air’ movement.


Posts and articles about Education, Health & Hygiene:

Open Air Schools in Nottingham Parks (26 April 2016) - by Judith Mills, University of Nottingham and Val Wood, Friends of the Arboretum Towards the end of the First World War, Nottingham’s Board of Education began to promote an ‘open […]
A Place to Rest – in Peace (30 March 2016) - The two main cemeteries in Nottingham during the 1800’s were the General Cemetery and the Church Cemetery, locally known as the Rock Cemetery. Both were conceived either side of the […]
Belle View Reservoir (9 December 2013) - History Trevor Buck (in a paper entitled ‘Corporation Oaks’, 1983) tells us that Thomas Hawksley (1807 – 1893), ‘the greatest water engineer of the age’, was the force behind the […]
Australian Birds (9 October 2013) - In the 1930s a gift of Australian birds was made, via the Honorary Curator of the aviary, Captain John Fletcher MC, by Mr Bert Barnett.  Out of 126 birds offered, 40 […]
Whistons green spaces (7 August 2013) - The lepers of st Leonards needed green spaces as well. fortunately the land adjoining the north end of their site was theirs.  So when in 1852 land was released to become  Elm […]
Green Flags Award (7 August 2013) - The Forest has just (August 2013) been awarded its first green flag and, exclusively for the city, it has also been given a Green Heritage Flag, in recognition of the […]
Creation of Nottingham’s out-of-town Cemeteries (9 July 2013) - Under an Act of Parliament, in 1836 the Town Council of Nottingham was required to sell land to the newly formed General Cemetery Company to develop a new Cemetery for […]