Parks, wartime & the military

Bell Tower I-710pxThe photograph above shows the bell tower in Nottingham Arboretum. Designed by Nottingham’s borough engineer Marriott Ogle Tarbotton in 1857, the monument features two cannons captured in 1853 during the Crimean War with Russia and a bell seized in 1857 in Canton during the Anglo-Chinese War.

This theme includes:

  • venues for defence and recruitment, vegetable growing, communal commemoration.


Posts and articles about Parks, Wartime & the Military:

1916-18:  The Forest, Gregory Boulevard entrance. Tanks selling ‘War Bonds’
Nottingham Local Studies Library Parklands in Wartime: Nottingham’s parks in WW1 and WW2 (3 August 2016) - 11 August 2016, 2pm Local Studies Library, Angel Row A talk by Jonathan Coope Jonathan will describe the impact of two world wars on Nottingham’s parks. From fundraising band concerts […]
Iron railings removal, The Forest, 1940
Courtesy of Nottingham Evening Post and Parklands in WW2 (3 April 2016) - By Malcolm Prosser and Jonathan Coope. Early roles for the parks As in WW1, Goose Fair was cancelled pretty much automatically. And in May 1940 the Council refused to overturn […]
Nottingham Corporation Tramways Employees in 1919, in front of the tank on The Forest
Courtesy of Nottingham City Transport and What the parks committee archives tell us about life in Nottingham during WW1 (29 March 2016) - By Malcolm Prosser and Jonathan Coope. Nottingham’s Public Parks and Burial Grounds Committee met every two or three weeks on weekdays at 10.00am in the Guildhall. The committee minutes indicate […]
Sherwood Foresters, The Forest, 1914-18
Courtesy of Nottingham City Council and To what extent did WW1 change the priorities in the parks? (29 March 2016) - By Malcolm Prosser and Jonathan Coope. Life on the home front – and in the parks – continued much as it had before. The Royal Show went ahead as planned […]
One of the 1st women conductors employed by the City Transport Dept - between 1915-18
Courtesy of Nottingham City Council and Problems running the parks during WW1 (29 March 2016) - By Malcolm Prosser and Jonathan Coope. It is worth noting that anti-social behaviour in the parks didn’t stop simply because there was a war on. A number of instances of […]
Notts. Patriotic Fair, Whit Monday, 1917.   
Courtesy of A P Knighton and The role of parks and green spaces on the Home Front during WW1 (29 March 2016) - By Malcolm Prosser and Jonathan Coope. One of the first challenges facing the City Council in their first wartime meeting on 14th September 1914, was the urgent need to find […]
Belltower The Arboretum guns (15 May 2013) - On 9 April 1857 the Enclosure Committee reported to the Council that it believed ‘… that some of the large Guns and trophies taken from Russia in the late War […]