Enclosure Parks tree trail leaflet published

Nottingham City Ctree-trail-leafletouncil, in conjunction with the Nottingham Green Spaces project, has just published a new Tree Trail leaflet giving details of many of the most significant types of trees that can still be found in the parks and green spaces set out under the 1845 Enclosure Act.

Until the later eighteenth century Nottingham was well known for the number of its trees and green spaces. And because of the 1845 Act, 130 acres of land were set aside enabling the creation of an interconnected series of public parks and walks and providing additional land for burial grounds.

This all encouraged a major programme of tree planting in public spaces during the ensuing decades and trees planted in the Arboretum, the Forest and the other public parks and walks were intended to promote public health and encourage the development of middle-class suburban residences with their own private gardens. Along with European cities such as Paris, the parks and public walks enabled by the 1845 Inclosure Act also helped to inspire the tree-lined boulevards created in Nottingham during the 1880s, which were seen as a continuation of the avenues around other parts of the town.

To download a pdf copy of the leaflet click here

Detailed tree trail leaflets are available for many individual parks across the City of Nottingham and from the Nottingham City Council website at website www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/parks.


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