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  • View from General Cemetery
Photo: Paul Elliott

    Old and New Trees in Nineteenth Century Nottingham

    We are so used to the many trees in Nottingham’s streets and suburbs that it is easy to take them for granted, although the lack of city-centre green spaces is […]

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  • Our Arboretum – 1913

    Our Arboretum – 1913

    Sixty -one years ago the Nottingham Arboretum was first opened for the benefit of the public.  Many citizens there are who find pleasure in frequenting these beautifully kept grounds, deriving […]

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  • In 1939 The Arboretum created a Dahlia Border which can still be admired today.

    Dahlia Border – 1939

    1939 recent innovations in this park have been a fine dahlia border, and a series of beds constructed along each side of the central walk.  Other recent features have been specialized […]

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  • Green Flags Award

    Green Flags Award

    The Forest has just (August 2013) been awarded its first green flag and, exclusively for the city, it has also been given a Green Heritage Flag, in recognition of the […]

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