• Cockatiels in the Aviaries in 2014
Image:  David Severn

    Animals in the Parks

    Apart from the odd squirrel or blackbird, or duck on a pond, it is not usual to associate parks with animals, but some of Nottingham’s parks and open spaces have […]

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  • Our Arboretum – 1913

    Our Arboretum – 1913

    Sixty -one years ago the Nottingham Arboretum was first opened for the benefit of the public.  Many citizens there are who find pleasure in frequenting these beautifully kept grounds, deriving […]

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  • Australian Birds

    Australian Birds

    In the 1930s a gift of Australian birds was made, via the Honorary Curator of the aviary, Captain John Fletcher MC, by Mr Bert Barnett.  Out of 126 birds offered, 40 […]

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