14th Annual Inclosure Walk


Final flier 2016In the first half of the nineteenth-century, when Nottingham was surrounded by fields, it was possible – just – to walk around the town boundary along pathways between fields.  The town, however, was extremely over-crowded and unhealthy.  1845 Enclosure Act overcame these problems by allowing the town to expand across the open fields. However, some of the original pathways were preserved as walks or promenades and other open spaces, for the benefit of the people of Nottingham. The annual Inclosure Walk, organised by the Friends of The Forest, traces some of these pathways.

The 14th Inclosure Walk  will be held on Sunday 3 July, beginning at 1.30pm.  All are welcome.

It will start near the Tram Stop at the Wilford Bridge end of Queen’s Walk, then move on to Queens Walk Recreation Ground, St. Mary’s in the Lace Market, then Victoria Park/St. Mary’s Rest Garden. There is a ‘comfort break’ at “The Sparrows Nest” at the bottom of Robin Hood Chase, and an opportunity to get a drink and use their facilities lavatory facilities and their library.  The walk then moves on to the Reservoir, the top of the Arboretum and General Cemetery, finishing at the Inclosure Oaks on The Forest, where survivors are given a certificate.

The walk will be started by Dr Judith Mills and Dr Jonathan Coope from the Green Spaces project, who will also accompany the walk and talk about some of the green spaces encountered along the way.


Tram Stop, Queen's Walk, near Wilford Bridge

Tram Stop, Queen’s Walk, near Wilford Bridge

The start









The Enclosure Oak Photo: Paul Elliott

The Enclosure Oak
Photo: Paul Elliott

The end


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